Always Inspired By Girl Power

Imagine if Rose Parks Owned a Car? If Madame Curie thought Noble prizes were a silly waste of time? What would have happened to baseball in 1943 if women hadn’t stepped up to the plate to form the American Girls Baseball League? What if Katharine Hepburn didn’t put on those pants or Elizabeth Cady Stanton didn’t care who won the election…. the list could go on forever. SKU supports women who never say “never.”

What does an empowered woman look like today?

She looks like your sister, your mother, your daughter and your grandmother.

Thinking about today’s hard-hitting tough girl, I couldn’t help but be inspired by  the roller derby. For anyone that’s put on a pair of skates since age 10, you know it can be a little scary. Try plowing through your opponents while staying on your own set of wheels. Frankly, I couldn’t handle it but I sure appreciate the kick ass women who do.

Here in Sarasota Florida I do believe we have two local teams. In celebration of powerful women I’ve been inspired to sketch up a design for a skate themed shirt. Siesta Key University is all about teamwork, working hard and playing hard, so it’s a natural fit.  Perhaps it will make the cut for our Fall women’s and girls line! Just maybe you’ll be inspired to put on some skates and hit the rink downtown.


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