Happy Fourth of July

The fourth of July is just a few days away. Here are some images I’ve found that I think capture the American spirit: Beautiful, Proud, Hard-working, Free, Revolutionary and Wacky. It’s a little collage representing just a tip of the iceberg of what encompasses the American Spirit.  I particularly love the banjo that pays homage to Woody Guthrie’s famous guitar that said, “This machine kills fascists.” Instead, the banjo states, ” This Machine Surrounds Hate And Forces It To Surrender.” Isn’t that a wonderful concept? You will also find Johnny Cash with the flag and the host of America’s best fourth of July picnic, Willie Nelson. And, yes…that is miss Marilyn Monroe amongst the vintage illustrations of American beauties. I wish I could create all of these photos individually, but unfortunately could not trace all the sources. America doesn’t have to be looked at everyday for it’s failings, falls and flippant flaunts. Let’s just pretend things are good for one day and celebrate our young countries vibrant past and present.



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