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In Lieu of….

Some Siesta Key Sightings of famed front man of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, I couldn’t help myself…

Although I personally wasn’t around to see Led Zeppelin in their glory days, as a 10 year old girl I had the picture below of him on my wall and by the seventh grade I had a full blown crush (we’re talking mid to late 90s, well beyond their heyday). All my friends were into Boys II Men or TLC. Actually, I don’t remember what they were into because I was too busy loving “classic” rock. Heck, I remember being in a department store  with my mother  when I was six or seven. A school friend was with us (Jennifer Dominic. Yep, I have a crazy memory). It was Jennifer’s birthday the next day and mine the following week, so my mom offered to buy us each a cassette tape. My friend opted for the latest New Kid’s on the Block  and me, I wanted Houses of the Holy. Having a fellow Catholic school friend with me my mother wasn’t sure it was appropriate. With some pouting I walked out with a Beach Boys Greatest Hits. However, the following week I did get that Houses of the Holy Tape. So it began!

Lemon Song…enough said?



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The Most Interesting Man in the World…

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Surf inspired art, based on the Maori art of New Zealand, Polynesia and American surf culture.

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