In Lieu of….

Some Siesta Key Sightings of famed front man of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, I couldn’t help myself…

Although I personally wasn’t around to see Led Zeppelin in their glory days, as a 10 year old girl I had the picture below of him on my wall and by the seventh grade I had a full blown crush (we’re talking mid to late 90s, well beyond their heyday). All my friends were into Boys II Men or TLC. Actually, I don’t remember what they were into because I was too busy loving “classic” rock. Heck, I remember being in a department store  with my mother  when I was six or seven. A school friend was with us (Jennifer Dominic. Yep, I have a crazy memory). It was Jennifer’s birthday the next day and mine the following week, so my mom offered to buy us each a cassette tape. My friend opted for the latest New Kid’s on the Block  and me, I wanted Houses of the Holy. Having a fellow Catholic school friend with me my mother wasn’t sure it was appropriate. With some pouting I walked out with a Beach Boys Greatest Hits. However, the following week I did get that Houses of the Holy Tape. So it began!

Lemon Song…enough said?



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2 responses to “In Lieu of….

  1. Levy

    Is he still around my glorious home beach?

    • I’m not sure. Word is he was in the hardware store today. He doesn’t look much like the man in these pictures, but wouldn’t it be lovely if he graced one of the many great bars in the village with a song or two? ( :

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