Hello! Name is Leigh and I am a graphic artist, journalist, and free-spirited kind of girl. I love music, fashion, art, traveling, but in an ooff-beaten path style. I’d say I’m a  gypsy just wandering about, taking in and sharing ideas and aesthetics.  I’ve got a lot to bring to the table, and I can’t wait to learn from you too! Life is art, and art is all about inspiration. I’ll show you mine if you show me yours!

I am the creative director of a little concept boutique located outside of Sarasota, Florida on Siesta Key called “SIESTA KEY UNIVERSITY.” Siesta Key isn’t really an university, but it is the hippest boutique to hit the village of Siesta Key, featuring university themed apparel that has a lot of team spirit. Siesta Key University (SKU) is the finest of “schools of thought.” There is no homework, nor tuition fees. All we ask is that you have a good time, just really enjoy life.

Playfully calling upon the aesthetics of the classic Ivy League schools with that of a modern “student body,” Siesta Key University has clothing and gifts for all ages. Designed and printed locally on the best brands, SKU features an elevated appeal. Featured brands include Alternative and American Apparel, as well as organic and eco-conscience t-shirts. Not only making green efforts, SKU gives a portion of its profits to the V Foundation for Cancer Research.

The featured line-up changes regularly as SKU issues fresh collections, called “Classes.” The first stop is in honor of local musicians, the “Siesta Key University: School of Music.” What’s next? Perhaps your “major” will make the “class schedule.” SKU is ready for “spring breakers,” all year long who can take a bit of SKU spirit back to their other school. Remember? The one with the textbooks? Located by the wonderfully bohemian Blasé Cafe at :

Siesta Key University: 5263 Ocean Boulevard • p: 941.487.8323 • http://www.SiestaKeyUniversity.com

Our Motto:

Doers, Makers, Shakers and Freethinkers; Artists Musicians, Scientists and Mathematicians; Beats and Bohemians; Beboppers and Hip-hoppers; Greeks, Geeks and Freaks: Athletes and Scholars; The Old, New, Bold and the “Don’t Mind if I Do’s;” Friends and FAmily; Lovers and Tree Huggers; Things with Paw and even In-Laws…. Everything Under the SUN.


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